Getting Started

Guides for MetaWatch STRATA and FRAME

(Models SW12-1 & SW12-2)

Thanks for purchasing a MetaWatch smartwatch! Here you will find some information to help you get up and running with your smartphone.

You can expect the smartphone apps and the watch firmware to get regular updates. The world is always changing and your MetaWatch smartwatch will evolve to change with it. Not for just bug fixes, but you will also see enhancements and new services added on a regular basis.

To update your watch firmware (latest version is 1.5.1), skip to section 6.


1     Quick Start - START HERE!

1.1      Step 1 - Open the box

  • Charge your watch.

1.2      Step 2 - Install your MetaWatch Manager (MWM) app

  • Download the MetaWatch Manager smartphone app.
  • For iPhone on the App Store
  • For Android on the Play Store

1.3      Step 3 - Get ready

  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned ON for your phone and your watch. (Watch's menu is the lower right button).
  • You do not need to make your phone "Discoverable", you only need the Bluetooth setting turned ON.

1.4      Step 4a - Android

  • Open the MWM App and tap "Connect"
  • Choose your watch device name from a Bluetooth discovery list.
  • When prompted, the pairing code is four zeros: 0000

1.5      Step 4b - iPhone (iOS7)

  • Tap "Bluetooth", under "Devices" your iPhone will begin discovering devices around you. When you see your watch's device name, tap the name. When prompted, tap "Pair".
  • Open the MetaWatch Manager app to complete the process.

1.6      Step 4c - iPhone (iOS6)

  • Open the MWM App and tap "Connect"
  • Tap "Bluetooth", under "Devices" your iPhone will begin discovering devices around you. When you see your watch's device name, tap the name. When prompted, the pairing code is four zeros: 0000
  • Press the iPhone HOME button and then go to iPhone Settings.
  • Tap "Bluetooth", under "Devices" your iPhone will begin discovering devices around you. When you see "MetaWatch SW12" Tap the name. When prompted, the pairing code is four zeros: 0000
  • Once paired, you then tap the white and blue arrow badge next to the far right of the "Metawatch SW12" listing. This enables Caller ID.
  • In the "MetaWatch SW12" settings, switch "Show Notifications" to ON. This enables iMessage.
  • One day we think the extended setup process for iOS will improve, but for now, this is the only way to have access to apps, calls, and messages at the same time.
  • NOTE: When you receive a call or perform a Siri request, you may see "MetaWatch" as the default audio device. This is not intended, but is a side-effect of getting caller ID from iOS6. If you have updated to watch version 1.3 or later, the audio source will automatically switch away from the watch after a couple of seconds. You can also manually choose a desired audio device. iOS6 will remember the new selection and it should not happen again until the watch disconnects, and then connects again.


  • To Reset your watch - press and hold the LED light button (top left -  button F) until the watch resets.
  • To Return your watch to defaults, including removing the pairing, press and hold the middle right (Button B), and middle left(Button E) buttons together until the watch resets.
  • In the rare cases where you have issues connecting, try resetting the watch with the top left button. Next try a reset of your phone if you continue to have issues.

For much more detail, see the full User Guide below.

2     User Guide for MetaWatch STRATA and FRAME

This document is for STRATA and FRAME Models SW12-x. 

Thank you for purchasing a MetaWatch smartwatch. This document will help you get started and answer common questions.

You MetaWatch STRATA or FRAME smartwatch came with the following items in the box.

  • your watch
  • a charging clip (can also be used for updating your watch firmware)
  • a microUSB cable

Let’s begin!

3       Starting up out of the box

3.1      Charging your watch

Your MetaWatch smartwatch system comes with a recharging clip that you can attach to the watch by squeezing the USB end to open the clip wider. The watch can then be inserted. There is a recessed area of the watch where the pin area of the clip will fit into. The clip should grip the watch snugly and securely, and both the top and bottom inside edges of the clip should be flush with the watch.

Connect the clip to the watch, plug in the USB cable (a micro USB cable is supplied in the box for you) and plug the other end into a USB power supply. When the clip has power, the clip’s LED will turn on. The watch is designed to recharge from this micro USB port and also operate while charging.

The micro USB socket and USB cable of the clip allows you to plug your watch into a USB hub or any 5V USB power source to recharge. Most car adapters and wall adapters that are made for mobile phones have 5V DC output and should be able to charge your watch. When connected to a USB port on a Personal Computer you will be able to update the software on your watch to the latest versions.

Plug the watch in and let it charge to a full battery, which could take around 4 hours the first time. If your watch is charging from an empty battery, the watch should start running immediately after plugging in, it will not however continue to run while off of the clip until the battery has a sufficient charge. When the watch software is running, you should see a charging indicator turn on in the clock area after a several seconds.


3.2      Watch Software Version

Depending on your exact software version, the instructions here may be slightly different.


3.3      Watch Button Map

Buttons are labelled A-F clockwise starting from the top right (2 o’clock).


3.4      Watch First Boot and Setup

Your watch should be charged from the previous step, if not, check the Trouble Shooting section.

After the watch starts-up for the first time, it will be ready to be paired with your iPhone, Android or other supported smartphone or device.

Before you pair, you can still use your MetaWatch smartwatch as watch. Use the buttons A,B and E to set the time before you have any connection from a phone. The watch will continue to keep time for you. Once connected to the phone, the time will synch with your phone's time.


4       Using your watch

4.1      Widgets

In the MetaWatch Manager app, you can select up to four screens of widgets for your watch to save. These range from clocks or calendar, to stock and weather information. They give you glancabele information every time your check your watch! Use button B to cycle through all the widget screens.

In the MetaWatch Manager application for your smartphone, you can swipe between all four widget screens. Tap empty areas (marked with a "+") to add new widgets. If you tap a widget, some widgets allow you to select other options and settings as well as to remove that widget. If you tap and hold a widget, you can drag it to a new location and even swap locations with another widget that has a similar size.


4.2      Notifications

When you receive a new notification, that notification is given the entire display for you to read the information you need. Use Button A, to exit from viewing this notification, or do nothing and you will return to your Widget view when the notification ends. Calendar, iMessage/SMS, and Caller ID are examples.


4.3      Music

When in music mode, the current song, and artist name will be displayed. You can control the playback of your music using the watch buttons.


4.4      System Alerts

The clock widgets also can give you information about system alerts. Examples are low battery warnings, Bluetooth off, or phone disconnected events. These serve as constant reminders that there is a warning or alert from the system.


4.5      Status Display

The status display gives you some more detailed information about your watch. You can see the status of the Bluetooth radio (ON / OFF), the status of the connection to your phone (ON / OFF / Warning), and the detailed battery level of the watch.

The Software (SW) and Hardware (HW) versions and serial number are also displayed here.



5       The Watch Menu

Your watch menu gives you access to common functions that you might like access to, even without your phone. Each icon represents one function and can either be ON or OFF. For most of these settings, an “X” represents the OFF state, a “check” represents ON state. Pressing the button next to that icon will flip that setting, and the icon will change to represent the new state. The effect of any changes here is immediate and there is no need to “save” settings before exiting.

5.1      Bluetooth ON / OFF (Button A)

The icon shows you the status of Bluetooth. The Icon can be either, OFF (x'd), Loading (box'd), or ON (checked)

When turning ON, you will see the “Loading” state for a short period of time. When turning OFF, it will switch immediately to the OFF state.

5.2      Seconds ON / OFF (Button B)

When OFF, time is displayed in Hours and Minutes. This is the default state and gives you the best power consumption. When ON, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds are displayed in the clock area.

Seconds count updates the display once per second and will reduce your battery life.

Not every watch face or clock can display a second’s count by design.

5.3      Exit Menu (Button C)

This Exits the menu and returns you to your Widget screen.

5.4      Link Alarm ON / OFF (Button D)

When ON (which is the default), if your phone is too far from your watch and you lose the connection, your watch will vibrate to warn you your phone is left behind. This can be useful for not accidentally leaving your phone behind somewhere or for simply being aware of your connected status. A system icon in most clock areas will also remind you of your disconnected status.

When OFF, you will not be alerted by the watch with vibration, but the system icon showing the disconnected status will sill be displayed.

5.5      Invert Display (Button E)

This will invert the display of your watch. The two states are “white on mirror” or “mirror on white”. Pressing this button will flip between these states. You might change this to suit your mood or to improve display visibility is some situations.


5.6      Turn on Light (Button F)

There are no settings associated with this button, instead this button will turn the light ON for viewing the display in the low light and dark conditions. This button is available for use in most other watch modes as well.


6       Updating your Firmware

Please use these instructions for Windows (Update to watch v1.5.1).

Please use these instructions for Mac (Update to watch v1.5.1).


7       Support

Please email our Android help desk or our iPhone help desk for support requests.


8       Developers! Participate in the Community

Connect apps and web services to MetaWatch products (yes, even iPhone!). Please visit the Forums section of and join the community!